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VAV invest, s.r.o., Banská Bystrica, under management of its owner and general manager Ing. Peter Valach, has been well known thanks to its activities in Banská Bystrica and in Central Slovakia since 1998. It currently belongs to the most important developers in the region and its activities are spreading also to other regions of Slovakia.



In 1998, VAV invest took part in completion of the area around the TESCO shopping center in Banská Bystrica. In the area, the company built premises for ELEKTRODOM NAY, ESSO fuel station and a multi-purpose building of a car dealer. For the first time in history of Banská Bystrica there was, from the urbanism viewpoint, a complete shopping complex built there.
Since 2002, VAV invest has built infrastructure networks for construction of residential houses nearby Banská Bystrica, in suburban recreational area SUCHÝ VRCH on the area of more than 100 000 m2. Later it started the build-up of apartment houses PETRA in the area. There are 4 apartment houses with 32 housing units.
The most important project of the company, implemented by its subsidiary Europa Shopping Center a.s., was the construction of entertainment and shopping center EUROPA SHOPPING CENTER, close to thecenter of Banská Bystrica. It is a unique object of a shopping and entertainment center, which is renowned not only in Slovakia but also abroad. The construction started in 2004 and on 6 December 2006 the center was opened to visitors. The complex is connected to the office and congress object EUROPA BUSINESS CENTER, which is located in the Trosky area and is a new dominant of Banská Bystrica. It was completed in the summer of 2008 and the office premises of the A class are gradually getting occupied by tenants. A non-traditional tower of the 3rd millennium can be seen from all sides and draw attention of visitors approaching Banská Bystrica.
At the beginning of 2009 works on a new project EUROPA SHOPPING &RELAX CENTER started in Zvolen. It will be another project in the group of EUROPA shopping and entertainment centers. Similar centers should be built in Levice, Lučenec and also in other towns.
Intentions of the VAV Group are heading towards the second stage of the development in the Trosky area in Banská Bystrica.