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This project consists of two stages – there is a separate shopping center called EUROPA SHOPPING CENTER, which is situated in the “Jama” location and it is connected by a glassed pier with the other part, RELAX CENTER, which will be located on lots where the former cinema Mier and workers’ hostel are situated now. The area at the Finka mansion will be rebuilt into an atrium with art café and exhibition premises. There are also plans to revitalize that part of Zvolen and revitalize the park. The investor of the center is a subsidiary of VAV invest s.r.o., Banská Bystrica, namely Europa SC ZV a.s.,. Europa SC ZV, a. s., is a subsidiary of VAV invest, s. r. o., Banská Bystrica that has already built shopping and entertainment center Europa Shopping Center and office building Europa Business Center in Banská Bystrica.

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The first stage of works should be completed by April 2011 and the second stage - Europa Relax Center – in April 2016. 

EUROPA SHOPPING CENTER will have two floors with the area for rent of 10,500 m2, for shops, cafes, and services. Visitors of the shopping center will have the opportunity to use underground parking and a large surface parking lot that will be built on the lot of former dairy production plant.
The Mier cinema ended its operation and will be, together with workers' hostel, rebuilt and, on their place, as well as on adjacent lots, the second part of the modern EUROPA SHOPPING &RELAX CENTER will be built, with the area for rent of 10,500 m2, connected to the 1st part. Altogether we will offer 21,000 m2 for rent.
On the 3rd floor we plan to build two multiplex cinemas and a fitness-center for inhabitants of Zvolen.

Redesigning of projects and a new, more efficient financial planning of the build-up of EUROPA SHOPPING & RELAX CENTER in Zvolen caused delays in construction works. According to the new project, the building should costs around EUR 40 million, which is approximately 13.3 to 14 million less than the original project cost. "The largest modifications concern relocation of parking places, because we will not build a parking garages, we will not build underground parking lot under stage two, but, instead of that we aim to take down a nearby dairy production plant, which we have already bought and which is going to stop its production. We plan to build parking lots there," said Ing. Peter Valach, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Europa SC ZV, a.s., at press conference held on 14 October 2009. The new project should bring savings also thanks to a different disposition of premises, which improves the share of built-up area and area for rent. At the same time, there will be more efficient technologies used for the construction. For both stages it constitutes a delay of five months compared to what was announced in the spring of this year.


Area for rent:
12,200 m2
Parking places:
180 + 500
Planned start of the build-up:
Completion of the build-up:
Design studio:
ESTING, Zvolen
Photogallery: Photos of construction